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Pumps on Parade

Just because a woman has given birth and is breastfeeding her baby, it doesn't mean that she should stay at home. To empower women and tackle negative perceptions about breastfeeding in public, we devised an influencer partnership with Alexandra Burke. She took to the streets of London for Notting Hill Carnival and - alongside other mamas - wearing an Elvie Stride breast pump.

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Research commissioned by Elvie that shows that 45% of women lose their sense of self when breastfeeding, and two thirds give up activities they love as a new mum. That’s why we went on a mission to come up with an idea that busts taboos around breastfeeding and pumping in public, and empowers mums to take part in all life has to offer – no matter what their feeding journey looks like.

The campaign was inspired by Alexandra’s experiences, as well as Elvie ambassadors, cousins Nicole Moses and Chloe Moses. All three women were pumping breast milk as they took part in the Carnival.

Media loved it. We secured 50 pieces of media coverage in the likes of the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, BBC London, The Evening Standard and The Metro. Supporters got behind us on social media - there were over 10,000 engagements with the content on Elvie’s social channels - many commenting that they felt seen. In the days following the campaign launch, there was a x100% increase in web traffic to the pump Alexandra wore 'Elvie Stride' on the Elvie's website. And it was Elvie's biggest online share of voice for the entire year.

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