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I'm Sara. 

I'm an award-winning, creative communications specialist with a passion for breaking the norm.


Opportunities to connect with your audience are everywhere but turning passive customers into passionate advocates isn't easy. That's where I thrive. I work with brands that want to disrupt something,  advocate for change, or take a stand on an important issue but aren't sure where to begin when it comes to communicating that.

I've worked in and led PR agencies - large and small - for 15 years. I was Managing Director and Executive Creative Director at B Corp-certified agency Don't Cry Wolf. I've worked with massive brands like Unilever, Nikon and Virgin Media, but my passion is pushing boundaries with challenger brands.  


I spend lots of time talking about what some would consider 'taboo' topics, especially in women's health and wellbeing. It's fair to say I have little to no filter. Oh, and you might have occasionally seen me on Channel 4 & 5 talking about what brands are getting right and wrong when it comes to their comms.  

At work I live to come up with an idea and watch it fly (in one case quite literally in the form of an inflatable flying vulva). At home I'm a proud mum to a small boy. Wife to a bearded accountant. And I've recently swapped London for suburbia.  

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