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Protect Pongo

The brief was to bring the plight of orangutans suffering as a result of deforestation into the lives of ordinary British people. No easy feat during a pandemic.

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Meridian Foods

So we created a new brand ambassador “Pongo” the orangutan and launched a street art campaign in collaboration with well-known artist and environmentalist, Louis Masai.

Louis toured the UK painting 10 murals of Pongo in Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham, before creating a series of artworks across London.

The permanence of the artwork was crucial to ensuring the campaign continued to engage people and spread Meridian’s message, long after it wrapped. The hashtag #ProtectPongo accompanies each piece of art, giving people a direct line to the library of campaign content and information Meridian shared during the campaign. To supercharge our story, we created a range of assets which brought the experience to life, from posters plastered next to each artwork sharing Pongo’s story, to a very special “housemates wanted” ad for Pongo on SpareRoom. The SpareRoom ad was picked up by UNILAD - making it the 7th most deforestation trending story on social media between June and December of that year.

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