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The brief was to launch a sustainable, Swedish online grocery brand into the UK - generating sign-ups and sales.

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Motatos is a Swedish startup looking to disrupt the grocery sector. They sell ambient food and FMCG that might otherwise go to waste due to changes in packaging specification or short shelf life. As a result everyday products from brands like Heinz, Cadbury, Kellogg’s, Walkers and Typhoo are available at up to 60% less than in mainstream supermarkets. It sounds too good to be true but so we needed to build credibility fast.

The first thing was messaging that closely aligned Motatos with the UK's cost of living crisis, the second was ensuring that influencers and press discovered the products on offer through sending out review boxes and the final thing was highlighting the cost savings on the specific products that we all know and love.

We generated 196 pieces of quality mead coverage and 2.5 million people saw the launch. The momentum helped build a waiting list ahead of the launch of 30k people, proving PR can make people take action AND raise awareness.

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