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Leaks Happen

43% of women suffering with incontinence said that shame stops them from seeking help. To tackle the taboo and encourage women to talk more openly, we created a giant, “peeing” billboard to confront the issue. 28-year-old Megan – a real-life incontinence sufferer and fitness lover – agreed to share her experience and appear on a 20-foot-high billboard. We made a splash in more ways than one.

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We filled social media with footage of our peeing billboard to challenge digital censorship of the issue head on. And we worked with London’s best PT, Nesrine Dally, to provide expert advice on strengthening the pelvic floor to improve incontinence and show how Elvie's kegel trainer can help. We achieved 71 pieces of coverage, including 23 national and international hits, in titles such as Mail Online, The Telegraph, Mirror, Metro, New York Post, The Guardian, Glamour and The Cut. Our peeing billboard drove a 93.5% increase in conversation around incontinence across social media. Contentious conversations were sparked in the press and our video was viewed over 1 million times. Finally we saw a 109% uplift in Google searches for “Elvie” during our peeing billboard launch week.

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