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Going Full Cycle

Do you know your luteal phase from your follicular phase? Most people with periods don’t know the difference. A lack of dialogue about periods is preventing better understanding of our bodies. So, to open up discussion and educate society, we hosted a conversation about the entire menstrual cycle for period brand Callaly.

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We teamed up the leading hormone expert Kay Ali and organised an event packed with amazing facts about what really happens during those mysterious 28 days. There was a yoga flow designed around the menstrual cycle by Sarah Malcolm, plenty of gorgeous swag and a stunning invitation also helped us draw in the crème de la crème of attendees as we briefed them on the brand and the ‘not-to-be-missed’ event.

Held at the stunning AllBright Club, a venue dedicated to empowering women, each element was carefully
selected to be on-brand and further Callaly’s reputation.

12 press and influencers attended, from a mixture of high-profile publications including Grazia, Women’s Health and Stylist. Following the event, Stylist published a full length feature with prominent product images and branding deployed at top of the page. Other media coverage included Culture Whisper, Evening Standard Magazine and Refinery 29.

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